Hair Product Fibre Gum 3.4 oz.

Hair Product Fibre Gum 3.4 oz.

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Molding Fiber Gum to Easily Get the Hair Style You Want!
"I have short funky hair & this product is the best!" ~ Pamela R.
Hold: Medium
Finish: Natural Shine
Scent: Bubblegum

The 'Fibre' is our molding fiber gum for men and with it, you're able to separate and manipulate your hairs to get the exact style you want while receiving a natural shine and texture with a medium to firm hold. This unique molding fiber gum is also scented with Bubblegum making those around you sniff with pleasure!

Directions: Towel dry hair, then take some small chunks and spread onto your palms and fingertips. Rub together and let soften. Then apply once the fibre is softened and relaxed (warmed up from the rubbing of your hands).

What is Fibre Gum for Hair?
Fiber Gum - also called 'fibre' gum - is tough stuff. In particular, our Fibre Gum is a powerful yet pliable hair styling product preferred by many barbers and consumers - especially for those with shorter cuts (3-7 centimers) since using fibre gum on longer hair may make you look like a tangled mess.

Yet, fibre gum is really the only thing that can comb down those 'quills' without needing to use extreme measures.

Fiber is thick, sort of like dried-out wax that may come out of the container in small chunks, so it usually cannot be combed into your hair and you must let it relax & soften in your palms. Once broken down and softened, you can add it to your hair.

In general, fiber is used for spiking or texture, and also to get the "bedhead" hair style. It doesn't offer the sleek, wet look as in other hair styling products.