Hair Product Deluxe Water-Based Pomade 3.4 oz.

Hair Product Deluxe Water-Based Pomade 3.4 oz.

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Water Based Pomade for the Best in Men's Hair Products!
Hold: Strong
Finish: Gloss
Scent: Passionfruit

The 'Deluxe' is our water-based pomade. This pomade gives you a medium to strong hold to shape and style and finishes with a glossy sheen. Washes out easily and is water soluble. Scented with Passionfruit.

Directions: Towel dry hair, then spread a small amount onto palms and fingertips and apply.

Brief Intro to Water Based Pomades
Water based pomades are a bit more recent in history compared to oil based pomades that were extremely popular through the interwar years up until after World War 2. Water based pomades consist of - you guessed it - water! So you'd usually find water in the ingredients and, hence, they're water soluble and easily wash out your hair.

Water based pomades offer some advantages such as easily washing out of your hair and, like oil based pomades, they also come in a variety of finishes and holds. Finally, water based pomades are friendlier with those that have acne or break out easily since the level of 'greasiness' is little-to-none.